MAGCELFIT anti-cellulite tracksuit bottoms

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Cellulite is more of an aesthetic problem, it is a chronically degenerative disease, a disorder of metabolism, circulation, lymph drainage, and damage of connective tissue.

Intended for: MAGCELFIT is intended for eliminating cellulite, and it also has a positive effect on reducing wrinkles, stretch marks and capillaries.

How it works: MAGCELFIT helps get rid of fat deposits and cellulite. The biological function of the MAGCELFIT controlled magnetic field reflects in how it affects cells’ membranes and nuclei by accelerating metabolism and consequently the resorption of fat deposits. The effects of MAGCELFIT on tissue:

  • Accelerated blood circulation
  • Established lymph drainage
  • Increased local temperature
  • Increased respiration and nutrient supply to the adipose tissue and consequently its break down is accelerated
  • Hematoma resorption
  • Disappearance of edema
  • Relaxation of muscle tension
  • Reduction of pain
  • Skin becomes more elastic and tight
  • Reduction of stretch marks and wrinkles
  • A positive effect on reducing enlarged blood vessels and capillaries


Radoslav Jevtović, a graduate physicist
Director of the Institute Mihajlo Pupin – Piezo Technology d.o.o.


Maintenance: The product should be washed by hand or machine-washed at 30-40 C and air dried.

MAGCELFIT anti-cellulite tracksuit bottoms sizes are: M, L, and XL. The material is dermatologically tested so that it is suitable for sensitive skin. It complies with all the approved norms and standards for the intensity of magnetic fields for stimulation of human material. MAGCELFIT makes you feel better every day.

This product is neither a medication nor a medical device.

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L, M, XL


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