Bracelet with medical magnets

6,000.00 Din



Bracelet with AKMA micro-magnets is a therapeutic device for permanent and extended stimulation of acupuncture points in the wrist zone of the arm.

Description: Bracelet with micro-magnets is made from copper with a galvanic coating of gold or nickel. The bracelet has five AKMA micro-magnets of 5.4 mm * 2.7 mm which at their surface have a magnetic field intensity of 60 mT (600 Gauss). The orientation of the magnetic field is such that the north pole is always towards the skin. The action radius (including the density of magnetic flux of 1 mT as minimal for efficacy) is 17 mm in diameter, and 10 mm in depth. The surface of the magnets is smooth and rounded, without edges. Magnets are ceramic and completely non-reactive in contact with skin, mucous membrane, or any other material or chemical. The magnets are scientifically tested and they comply with all the medical norms and standards for the stimulation of human material without side effects.

Technical Characteristics: The magnets are shaped as plan-convex disks with one flat and one protruding circular surface. The north magnetic pole is on the protruding surface.

Micro-magnets at their surface have a magnetic flux density from 60 to 80 mT (600 to 800 Gauss).

Size: middle d 5.4mm * 2.7 mm.

The action radius for the middle magnet (including the density of magnetic flux of 1 mT as minimal for efficacy) is 17 mm in diameter, and 10 mm in depth.

How it works: It stimulates acupuncture points in the wrist zone and accelerates local metabolism at the cellular level, in the zone of action.

Intended for use against:

  • Wrist pain
  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • High blood pressure
  • Poor circulation
  • Tiredness and insomnia


Radoslav Jevtović, a graduate physicist
Director of the Institute Mihajlo Pupin – Piezo Technology d.o.o.


How to use: To put the bracelet on first detach it gently (detach by pulling while holding both ends with equal pressure). Then put on the narrowest part of your wrist and turn for 90 degrees, so that the attachment is at the base of the wrist. Pull both ends towards each other so that the bracelet fits comfortably – similar to a watch bracelet.

The time necessary for the magnet therapy to start: Most people start feeling positive effects after a few days. Some people notice changes only after two to three weeks. It is individual and different. It depends on various factors, for example what kind of problems the person experiences, for how long the person has experienced those problems, and on the general body condition. Usually the first sign that the therapy is working is the increase in energy levels and improvement of general condition.

Side effects with magnet therapy: In very rare cases some people have experienced a mild sickness which stops immediately if the bracelet is worn only during the day. And even in those cases there has been relief from the initial problems. After some time the bracelet can be worn both during the day and the night.

Can the bracelet be worn when taking a shower? Yes.

How long do the AKMA magnets work? Our ceramic magnets have a lifetime warranty when it comes to their magnetic properties.

Should the bracelet feel my pulse? No, it is not necessary. The magnet affects blood circulation. The more blood passes through the magnetic field the greater the effect of the magnet. For that reason we recommend that you wear the bracelet as the primary source of magnetic energy.

Can the bracelet be worn on the same wrist as the watch? No.

On what wrist should the bracelet be worn? Since the same amount of blood flows through both arms there is no any difference in that sense.


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