Lime scale in water pipes



R-MAG devices are manufactured for water flow from 2 litres/hour to 200 cbm/hour.

Lime scale in water pipes

  • R-MAG device prevents forming the lime scale in the water by magnetic processing
  • R-MAG degrades already formed layer of limestone
  • R-MAG devices are manufactured for water flow from 2 litres per hour to 200 cubic metres per hour
  • R-MAG needs no power supply
  • R-MAG needs no maintenance
  • R-MAG is entirely ecological product


R-MAG devices are designed for magnetic processing of water and other liquids in order to prevent lime scale occurrence.

R-MAG procedure provides the following advantages over all other methods in preventing the occurrence and dissolving the existing lime scale:





R-MAG devices are supplied with permanent magnets

R-MAG procedure prevents lime scale forming by changing the crystal structure

R-MAG reduces deposits of the existing limestone.

The effect that R-MAG procedure has on fluids is purely of physical and not chemical nature. Chemical composition stays unchanged, the content of minerals does not change, but on the other hand very hard water gains the characteristics of soft water.

Dissolved mineral salts that used to form unwanted and harmful solid incrustations, due to warming up or changed CO2 balance (scale in boilers, piping, vaporizers, etc.), now form muddy deposits easy to rinse or blow out.

  • It works in all positions (vertical, horizontal or angled)
  • Efficient in preventing lime scale deposit forming and affecting dissolution of existing limestone layers.
  • Ecological and do not require adding the chemical agents.
  • The lifetime is practically unlimited.
  • Physically affecting water the devices enable water to gain the attributes of “soft” water, indirectly resulting in savin the energy and washing agents.

Depositing of water processed with R-MAG

The effect of R-MAG on example of depositing of calcium carbonate (microscope shot magnified 700x).

Pic. 1. Shows calcite crystals shaped as triclinic rhomboids deposited in non-treated water. These crystals tend to merge and form compact layers of limestone.

Pic. 2. Shows how calcium carbonate forms the amorphous mass in R-MAG procedure treated water. These dissolved crystals do not tend to amalgamate any more. They are lying down as soft mud or deposit.

R -Mag boiler


Choosing the right position to install R-MAG device is of extreme importance, in order to accomplish the most economical functionality of the device. For correct application of R-MAG device , it is necessary to establish the following facts:

  1. a) Maximal flow (of the pump or the pipeline), pressure and temperature within the pipeline
  2. b) Analyses of the liquid to be processed; example: for H2O – total hardness – SiO2 and NaCl content, -pH value, etc.

Following types of R-MAG devices are in regular production of the Institute:

R - Mag device type

Temperature: max. 90° C

  • Pre-pressure: max. 16 bar
  • Pressure loss: max. 0.8 bar


Apart from the listed types we also produce R-MAG devices for much higher flows (capacities), depending on the specific installation location and which kind of fluid is to be processed.

Application: Hot water boilers, central heating systems, laundry machines, dishwashers, protection of household plumbing, industrial devices with cooling (production of plastics, sugar, paper, cellulose, mineral oils etc.).

Bottle washing devices, compressor units, carwash, … Protection of devices in dental practices, bakeries, vaporizing devices in air-conditioning, etc.




Solution for the problem of limestone in water and pipes

R-mag kamenac u vodi i cevima

R mag uklanjanje kamenca

Kamenac industrisjki kapaciteti

Institut M. Pupin. kamenac u vodi i cevima

Kako ukloniti kamenac

Kamenac fabrika

R-mag uredjaj za otklanjanje kamenca

r mag

References for the R-mag – anti-calcare device (in water and pipes):

  1. Thermal power plants, first embedded in TPP “Vreoci” 25 years ago and still works, capacity 30m3/hour.
  2. Vrnjačka Spa
  3. Aluminium combine Podgorica– 200m3/hour, 12 years ago.
  4. Rubber factory “Trajal” – Kruševac
  5. Reahem – distillery of alcohol, Srbobran
  6. Development and production of miniature devices with flows from 1 to 15 liters/hour, for “ECOVAP” – Switzerland, for steamers and dental chairs
  7. “MASTER” sports center Zemun, capacity 40m3/hour, for two heat pumps
  8. DESING DOO, Knjaževac
  9. Many of devices for private buildings and houses of different capacities, as well as for mini-slaughterhouses, various processing, etc.
  10. HOTEL ROYAL SPA, Banja Koviljača

Images from the installation of R-Mag in the Hotel”ROYAL SPA” – Banja Koviljača

R MAG – rešenje za kamenac u vodi rmag protiv kamenca


Kamenac u vodi


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