Magnetic separators


Plate separator

Plocasti SeparatorPlate separator

Pločasti separator - magnetni separatori

Every technological process expected to separate ferromagnetic content from the raw material requires the separators (extractors) to be built in.

Separators do not require any kind of maintenance, permanent magnets are “everlasting” and there is no electric power consumption.

Plate separator - magnetic separator

Drum separator

Operating principle: sleeve is rotating and the core is fixed

Bubnjasi separatori - princip rada

Bubnjasti separatori

Separator core with permanent magnets (Ø 1000 * 2000 mm).
The size of separator can be customized to meet the needs (depending on the capacity of the material to be separated as well as the installation location).
Application: Animal feeding-stuffs factories, grain tanks, mills, mines, etc. For separation of small ferromagnetic particles as well as for relatively large mass particles.


Tubular separator

cevni separatoriDrum separator

Tubular separators are manufactured in all dimensions according to customer needs, with the capacity of up to several dozen tons per hour.
Application: in animal feeding-stuffs factories, grain tanks, mills, etc., for separation of particles of relatively large mass.

Grid separator

Rešetkasti separatormagnetni separatori - rešetkasti separatori

Grid separator

Section of the permanent magnet rod.

*** For absolute efficiency (reliability) of separation, not less than 4 levels and optimally 6 levels of separation are built into the separator.***


Comb separator

Comb separatorComb -separatorComb separator example

Comb separators

Separatori u Šećerani Pećinci - kapacitet 75 tona-sat-min

Working separator in Pecinci Sugar refinery w/installed capacity of 75 tons/hour.


Magnetic separators

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Some of our clients:
1. Peštan petrochemical
2. Sunoko – sugar refinery
3. Crvenka – sugar refinery
4. Pionir – Subotica
5. So produkt – Pazova
6. Swisslion – Takovo


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