Magnetic System for the Face

6,600.00 Din



Magnetic System for the Face has the following effects:

  • It successfully relieves pain caused by non-chronic: headaches, migraines, sinuses
  • It increases skin elasticity and makes the skin more tight
  • It reduces wrinkles and capillaries
  • Face peeling


Radoslav Jevtović, a graduate physicist
Director of the Institute Mihajlo Pupin – Piezo Technology d.o.o.


How it functions: A combination of effects of a static magnetic field and the stimulation of acupuncture points is achieved with this kind of magnetic stimulation. There is a significant improvement in blood circulation, muscles become more relaxed, pain is relieved and there is a positive effect on overall health.

How to use: Face mask with MAGMAX magnetic system may be worn indefinitely, and it is normally used with the already mentioned problems until they disappear. No side effects have been recorded with long exposure to this kind of magnetic system.

Notice: The magnetic field intensity of the cone bio-magnets is 600 Gauss (60mT) and as such it is in accordance with the norms of the World Health Organization. The magnets are completely safe. Static magnetic field stimulation is not used for cancers or polyps.

Maintenance: The product should be hand washed at 30-40 C and air dried. This product is not a medical device nor a medicine. The product is protected by the intellectual property law. Any abuse is illegal.


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