MAGNETOPLAG – against hemorrhoids (piles)

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The magnetic field has a biological effect on cells’ membranes and nuclei. This reflects in:

  • Faster blood circulation
  • Anti-inflammatory action
  • Rising of local temperature
  • Resorption of hematoma, edema
  • Faster healing of wounds
  • Relaxation of muscle tension
  • Analgesia
  • Stimulation and acceleration of the process of fibrosis or formation of granulation tissue



Based on these effects the magnetic field is used for accelerating the healing of keloid after burns or lacerations of a larger patch. It is also used for the acceleration of healing of disrupted bone callus.

By the local application of a multipole magnetic field, in the area of the anus, circulus vitiosus is interrupted and the entire pathogenic mechanism of complications is turned in a positive direction. The effects are: reduced pain, regulated defecation, reduced spasms, hematoma and edema resorption.

MAGNETOPLAG for treating HEMORRHOIDS (PILES) (multipole magnetic field) induces a fast disappearance of edema, thrombosed clots, and reduction of inflammatory processes.
Instructions for the MAGNETOPLAG medical device:

Medical device MAGNETPLAG is a therapeutic device for permanent, mild and extended stimulation of the rectum with the goal of treating hemorrhoids (piles), after colon carcinoma has been excluded as a possible cause.

Description: MAGNETOPLAG consists of two independent multipole magnets, encased in hard white plastic shaped as the letter T. It also has a limiter which has a green or orange marker.

The inner structure is such that it secures maximum material tolerance to the rectal region and comfort to the patient during treatment. The magnets that are part of the MAGNETOPLAG set are multipole magnets, with defined division of magnetic poles. One magnet is magnetized by poles which form a ring, and the other by poles forming a straight line. Due to this, magnetic fields are closed during treatment, thus creating the effect of a magnetic field in the rectal region.

The concentration of the magnetic field on the surface of MAGNETOPLAG is 30-40mT (300-400 Gauss), which is in accordance with the recommended doses of constant exposure to magnetic fields for stimulating human material.

How it works: MAGNETOPLAG regulates blood flow through the vein system at the end of the colon with a durable effect which lasts after the treatment and reduces pain and itches in the rectal region.

Intended for sufferers from: Hemorrhoids (piles), acute hemorrhoidal diseases, uncontrolled rectal wetting, and itching in the rectal region.

Usage Limitations: Do not use if suffering from carcinoma (including pre-existing conditions).

MAGNETOPLAG therapy is not recommended for persons with installed pacemakers, metal implants in the pelvic region (joint replacements, intrauterine contraceptive device), during pregnancy.

Warning: MAGNETOPLAG may be used for treating hemorrhoids only after the possibility of colon carcinoma is excluded.

MAGNETOPLAG is intended exclusively for personal use. It should not be shared with other persons because there is a high risk for infection.

Special Notice: Persons who are to undergo any type of diagnostic tests should notify their doctor about using a constant magnetic field in treatment.

How to use: Before every use, MAGNETOPLAG should be carefully washed in tepid water with soap and then dried.

Put a coating of vaseline on the active part of the plug to the limiter. Carefully insert the prepared MAGNETOPLAG into the rectum. In case there are problems insert gradually, with pauses, so as to avoid damaging the mucous membrane.

After the insertion of the plug into the rectal opening, the patient should remain lying on a side from one to two hours.

After use wash the inserted part carefully with soap in tepid water and then dry.

When used for the first time any of the parts may be used. In the following days you should rely on the colors that were not used the previous day.

The treatment should last for at least ten days. Only with severe problems MAGNETOPLAG may be used twice a day, in the morning and in the evening. If necessary i.e. if hemorrhoids have not disappeared completely the treatment may be repeated after one day.

Do not insert the plug into the vagina.

How to store: MAGNETOPLAG does not have an expiry date. However, it is not recommended to use a MAGNETOPLAG that has been mechanically damaged (scratches, cracks). MAGNETOPLAG should be kept away at a minimum distance of 10 cm from objects sensitive to magnetic fields (watches, calculators, magnetic tapes, pacemakers), and it should be stored in a dry place out of reach of children.

Made in the Mihajlo Pupin Institute, Volgina 15, 11060 Belgrade, Serbia
Tested and certified in the clinical centre Zvezdara Belgrade.
The product has a certification mark CE 1434.
All rights reserved, Patent no. 1608/83.


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