Shoe insoles with medical magnets

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Shoe insoles with AKMA magnets are a therapeutic device for mild, permanent and extended stimulation of acupressure points in the foot zone (soles). The best effect of magnet therapy is achieved through feet. Apart from having a magnetic effect these magnets also perform acupressure on feet. By your own weight and pressure on the magnets you achieve acupressure of specific acupressure points on the soles. Simultaneously, the insole with knobs additionally massages the sole and improves circulation.

The insoles, with their construction, make the feet and the entire body take a proper anatomical position. Effects:

  • A positive effect on flat feet, and pain in feet and legs.
  • Proper spine position
  • Reduced problems with bunions
  • Improvement in peripheral circulation
  • The body takes a proper anatomical position
  • Long acupressure of soles with AKMA magnets
  • Eases long walking or standing

Description: The insole is produced from special medical plastic which does not cause irritations, allergies or skin damage in direct contact with feet or skin. It is constructed in such a way so that it stimulates the feet and the entire body to take a proper anatomical position. The insole contains 10 AKMA micro-magnets with sizes of 6 and 12 mm which on their surface have a magnetic field intensity of 60 mT (600 Gauss). The orientation of the magnetic field is such that the north pole is always directed towards the skin. The action radius (including the density of magnetic flux of 1 mT as minimal for efficacy) is 17 mm in diameter, and 10 mm in depth for 6 mm magnets, whereas for 12 mm magnets, the radius is 35 mm, and 20 mm in depth. The surface of the magnets is smooth and rounded, without edges. Magnets are ceramic and completely non-reactive in contact with skin, mucous membrane, or any other material or chemical. The magnets are scientifically tested and they comply with all the medical norms and standards for the stimulation of human material without side effects.

How it works: They stimulate acupressure points in the sole zone and accelerate local metabolism at the cellular level, in the zone of action.

How to use: The soles are used for the stimulation of internal organ functioning, correction of body weight (reduction), for joint pain, stress, anxiety, depression, poor circulation (cold feet), tiredness, and insomnia. Even when the therapy with these magnets is just beginning there is an increase in energy levels and improvement in general body condition as well as gradual elimination of pain.

The insoles are universal and an adequate size may be obtained by cutting with scissors according to shoe size. They are washed when necessary in tepid water and with soap. They should be air-dried.

Ceramic AKMA magnets have a lifetime warranty when it comes to their magnetic, physical and chemical properties. They can withstand all conditions.


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