VENOMAG – for treating enlarged blood vessels and capillaries

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Arteries conduct blood from the heart towards the peripheral body parts. Veins have one-way valves which help blood return to the heart. In healthy people it is normal for vein blood to go from surface veins towards the deeper ones and then on towards the heart. In case of enlarged veins (varicosity), the valves cannot perform this function, they do not close properly. In this case the blood returns from the deep veins towards the surface vein system. Due to that reverse flow (reflux), the vein blood is retained in legs which leads to the swelling of legs, tension and pain…

The enlarged blood vessels disorder is a condition which worsens with age. Visible spider veins (varicosity) on legs are a consequence of enlarged hypodermic veins. Enlarged blood vessels are not solely an aesthetic problem.

How it works: VENOMAG has a positive effect on reducing inflammatory processes on the skin and hypodermic tissue. It operates on the cellular level and has the following effects:

  • Accelerating blood circulation
  • Establishing lymph drainage
  • Increasing local temperature
  • Increased respiration and nutrient supply to the adipose tissue and consequently its break down is accelerated
  • Hematoma resorption
  • Elimination of edema
  • Relaxation of muscle tension
  • Reducing pain
  • Making skin more elastic and tight
  • Reducing stretch marks and wrinkles
  • A positive effect on reducing enlarged blood vessels and capillaries

How to use: VENOMAG is placed on the area of the leg where the problem is noticed (most often on the calf) by fixing with elastic band when resting or at night.

Notice: Persons who have cancer in the zone where the magnet would function and pregnant women are not recommended to use this product.


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